Asbestos Danger: A small Reminder

Asbestos DangerAsbestos Danger Have you ever heard about asbestos?  Do you know the danger it poses to the health?  If you live with asbestos, you have a risk of being exposed to the deadly fibres, particularly if you reside in an old building.

Sadly, many people nowadays are not aware of the danger of interacting with asbestos.  Some even being ignorant even when they are clearly live in a building that was built using the asbestos-containing material.  If you are a homeowner or a person who is in charge of a building maintenance, you have the responsibility to keep everyone secure from any hazard.

Then where do I have to start?

Dealing with asbestos is pretty simple if you have learned a bit about the regulation.  The government has stated that any work regarding to this hazardous material must be performed by someone who has been in a special training and acquired a licensed to do the job safely and more efficiently.

The first action that you need to do is taking a complete investigation in your property.  This step is to ensure how high the contamination has occurred by identifying the existing ACMs in your place.  Since it’s quite difficult to recognise the contaminated materials without proper knowledge, you should leave the task to a licensed assessor.  The work itself will be done within a day if no further analysis via a lab is necessary.

After all contaminated materials have been identified and registered in an asbestos register document, you will need to manage the contamination by creating an asbestos management plan or just remove them all at once.  Again, these steps are the job for an accredited removalist.

What’s the difference between an asbestos management plan and an asbestos removal?

An asbestos management plan is created to create a secure environment in a property while the asbestos material is still presence within the area.  This AMP is considered as a temporary answer to contain the deadly fibre exposure risk to the lowest level.  However, removing all source of contamination is considered as the best way in handling asbestos.

There are many things need to learn when it’s about how to keep yourself, family, and the whole occupants in the building from any asbestos danger.  You can get more information about asbestos by contacting your local council.  You can also visit to get more help on how to deal with asbestos in your premises.

9 Great Tips for New Real Estate Investors

9 Great Tips for New Real Estate Investors
Today, lots of investors want to add real estate to their investment portfolio, but quite often, they don’t understand the complex nuances of real estate investing or how to start the process. Investment properties are substantially different from investments in stocks, bonds, CDs, and can be overwhelming to new investors.

A few years ago, investors had called me to buy rental properties after losing a lot of money in the stock market. She’s excited to start a real estate investment career, but she’s afraid to invest in something new. In fact, at the first closing, his hands were shaking so he could barely sign his name on the document. She now has eight houses and has become very successful. We laugh every time I remember what was nervous at first.

But real estate investing does not have to be hard or frightening. When I teach people how to invest in real estate, my philosophy is to maximize results and minimize risk. If done correctly, real estate investing is one of the safest and best long-term tools for investment. With that in mind, here are 9 tips to help you successfully start your real estate investment career.

1. Real estate investing is a business and you have to treat it that way. Start developing a good business plan, detailing the nuances of starting and running your own business, with realistic goals in one time, three, five and ten years. If you do not know how to write a business plan, you can find help on the Small Business Administration website.

2. Check your credit report to define your capability to finance investment property. Most lenders now require 700 or better FICO (Fair Issac Co.) scores from borrowers who want to buy investment property. Also, make sure that your debt to your total monthly income ratio is low. It often makes sense to pay debt borrowed in the form of a debt or car loan to increase your debt ratio. You are entitled to a free credit report per year from three major credit agencies (Trans Union, Equifax and Experian), but only give your story and not your score. Instead, try Karma Credit to get both.

3. Determine the best areas for finding properties. Some new investors make the mistake of limiting their search to areas close to their homes. But often, the ‘what it seems’ best rental areas can be a bit ‘further’. New investors may think they need to live near their property when tenants call repairs or other problems. But in reality, if the house is put into good condition before your tenant moves, the calls of the tenant should be few and far.

4. Talk to other investors about local real estate. Join the real estate clubs in your area (do a quick Google search to find them). The real estate clubs are a great place to network with other investors, lenders and repair service providers. You can often take useful tips in your local market with other members of the club. Some communities offer real estate investment programs through adult education or local real estate brokers. If you cannot find a real estate club or course, consider an online investment forum.

5. Consider different sources for buying property. New investors might think they can buy a home only through their MLS service (some service list) locally or beat the door in a rough neighborhood looking for depressed sellers. But sometimes you can find better deals on real estate auction sites and these sites allow buyers in a position to easily make purchases outside of their area.

6. Take time to read about real estate investing. A large amount of free information is currently available online about real estate investing. When purchasing a book, look for one that offers a handy guide for buying, flipping, renting, and selling properties. Avoid books that claim that you can make huge amounts of money in 30 to 60 days or 25-year-old books detailing techniques that may no longer work.

7. Find a good realtor to help you find the property. Not all experienced or even proficient Realtors help investors. Prior to the 2007 real estate crash and subsequent foreclosure seizures, only a fraction of the realtors would cooperate with investors. Since then, many realtors have taken courses and suddenly claim to be “experts” in foreclosure. Make sure you choose a realtor who has sold a great number of investment properties, and also who understands concepts such as return on investment (ROI), net operating income (NOI), and debt services.

8. Look for a return of more than 1 percent per month of the sale price. The old saying of real estate says that rental properties that generate 1 percent of the selling price per month are pretty good. In other words, if the house costs $ 100,000, you should earn $ 1,000 a month for the lease, or about 12 percent of the annual yield. But in many areas of the United States today, the value of homes has declined substantially and investors are now able to achieve profits of more than 1 percent per month.Let me share two examples of houses that I bought with cash in 2013. The first sale price was $ 62,000. It leases $ 1,050 per month, an annual yield of more than 20.3 percent. I bought a second for $ 39,900, and the price reached $ 795 per month, an annual yield of 23.9 percent! Even in terms of repair and other il costs, each is still 15 percent and 18 percent in both houses.

9. Learn from the best. To achieve success, track your investment decisions after what other successful real estate investors in your area do. Search Google for real estate clubs in your city, or try other sites.

Most importantly, remember that like everything else, the harder you work and the more effort you put into your real estate investment business, the more and faster your final reward will come. Good luck!

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How to Avoid Any Trouble in Purchasing a Commercial Property

How to Avoid Any Trouble in Purchasing a Commercial Property
People always think that it is difficult when they have to learn about commercial real estate. However, it is not as hard as they think it is.  It is more or less like you learn another subject, the more you learn, the less complicated it becomes. You will need a lot of information to help you deal with a commercial real estate. The followings are some hints that you can apply to the decisions you may make when you have to need to manage commercial real estate.

You have to be very careful before you buy a property, or else you might lose your money. It will require you tens of thousands of dollars to do your due diligence and have a commercial building accurately inspected. Inspections tend to uncover items which are deal breakers for the acquirement. If such things come up, do not purchase just because you have already put your money in for the inspections. Learn to trust your instinct. If this property is proven to be a monster, accept the loss and be thankful it was not more.

For whoever gets in the real estate business, commercial real estate is a huge investment. One thing that you need to remember is that commercial property is a process which takes longer to gain. It requires a thorough research and a qualification for getting a commercial loan before even searching for a real estate to invest in.

When you try to flip a house, you surely want the house to look great. By putting a cheap front door, you can hurt your own chance of selling the property since it makes the house appears to be cheap. If the door looks sturdy and strong and in good condition, it may just need a repainting. However, if it is not in good condition, it would be better if you replace it instead.

You need to ask what the real estate brokers think like a success or failure to ensure that you are doing business with the most qualified brokers. Additionally, you need to ask about how they evaluate their method of measuring results. You should pay attention to the strategies explained by them. Therefore, you need to hire a real estate broker so that you can be successful with their business practices.

This is crucial so as to confirm that the terms correspond to the rent roll and also the property’s documentation. There may be a term that failed to notice by the rent roll if you opt not to analyse these key terms that could induce a change in the pro forma.

Make sure to consider any possible problems with the environment. One big problem is when your real estate that you have just bought has an issue with an environment and health such as dangerous material, it will cost you more. Most old properties, for example, were installed with asbestos containing material.  This will be a problem when you plan to put your property on a list. So, before you put it on sale, make sure that you have performed asbestos testing and removal. Unless you want to have problems with your potential buyers, taking an initial measure like testing and removing will be a good decision.

When you are investing in commercial property, you need to think big. If you are thinking about buying a building with five apartments, you should be aware that it is not that difficult managing 50 units compared to five. A five-unit building needs commercial financing as big as the larger buildings. However, the larger property has a lower average price for each unit, and more rental income flows to you.

A real expert in real estate can recognise a good deal immediately. They also own a good eye for repairs like how expensive a particular type of repairs can be and how to equalise repairs cost to long-term profit.

Be alert with motivated sellers. You want to ensure that you can find the sellers that are highly motivated because they are generally enthusiastic to sell a real estate at below market value.

Each case has different problems, and you have to allow your investigation on a particular property to give influences to your decision.

Before buying any property make sure you ask your tax adviser for some advice. A tax adviser can estimate the cost you will need to spend for some buildings and how much of your income will be taxable. Try to work with your adviser to find an area that has lower taxes. Until you have assessed the rates of unemployment, income level as well as the area expansion rates, do not make any huge real estate buying. Usually, a house that is near a university, hospital or large employment centres can sell faster and at a higher value as well.

You should be more comfortable when you think about commercial real estate because you have read this article. Be sure you understand all the information and remember all of that you have read. You are now ready to start your commercial real estate business.

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Consider These Important Things Before Renovating Your House

Consider these important things before renovating your house
Are you thinking about doing a refurb? Wait! Before you start destroying things, there are some important things to be considered. You need to make sure that everything is the right order. To help you, use this home renovation checklist.

It is quite common if all of us want something different or brand new in our house like a better shower, a bigger kitchen, or more spacious living room. Doing a renovation can be quite fun, yet, before preparing the tools, engaging the tradies or beginning to map out which walls to be knocked down, there are several questions to ask.

DIY or Not DIY?

It is quite fascinating to do the house renovation project by yourself and save lots of money in the process. For certain cases, it makes sense perfectly, assuming that you possess the essential skills and experience.  If you have done electrical work or carpentry previously, you may be assumed to be qualified to carry out any renovation in your bathroom. However, if you still ask Google on how to lay tiles, you are suggested to hire a professional.

Is It Affordable for You?

Keep in find that you need to pay some bill during the renovation project. Sit down with your bank statements, pay slips, and credit cards and calculate how much you can set aside for the project. Next, allocate the infrastructure changes earliest. Although the cosmetic changes are frequently the most exciting to make, you can reduce the costs by choosing a faucet that is on sale or tile found at some building resupply stores.

Can You Spare Some Time for The Renovation Project?

If you ask them who did the renovation, they will tell you. It always requires much longer time than you have ever thought it would. You have to be able to be adjustable with living plans. If you engage a contractor, you will have people to come in and out of your home for several days, weeks, or could be months to end. You might be forced to use a portable toilet in the driveway, and you will feel that it is not so fun anymore.

Do You Know the Rules You Are Dealing with?

Do you that you have to get permission first before you knock down some walls or dig a pool? The answer is most probably yes. Apart from giving a warning to you surrounding neighbours regarding a loud noise that may hear, there is most possibly a zoning commission, council, or town clerk who also requires knowing that you are changing your house. If it so, there might be an inspection once you have finished your work. Examine the rules and also the regulations in your area, city or council to ensure that you comply. You do not wish they undo the work afterwards, do you?

Are There Any Cables Floating Around?

Hold on a sec! Don’t knock down that wall just yet! You need to find out whether there are any electrical cables in it. Or, check whether there are gas lines or water pipes. Make sure everything before you start. Go ask a plumber or electrician to come by and inspect when you suspect there could be.

Is It Possible for You to Knock Down the Wall?

Some walls are in your house for some reason. Some walls divide rooms while others support the load of the above floor or the floor. If you don’t know for sure, it would be better if you contact a building inspector, builder or engineer. By doing a consultation, you can save a lot of money in damages in the future. Additionally, the peacefulness of your mind is worth more than anything.

Does Your House Contain Asbestos?

Does your house contain asbestos? Have you done any asbestos inspection or testing? As stated by the Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency of the Australian Government, the use of asbestos in buildings was banned after 1989. Accordingly, houses that were constructed as recently as 2000 might have used the asbestos material in their construction. If you want to make sure that your family, as well as the surrounding neighbourhood, is secure, it is recommended that you hire a professional building inspector to do an asbestos materials inspection. By assuring that there are no dangerous materials installed within your house, you then can carry out the renovation project without having to feel worried about the safety and huge fine. Everything, then, can be run smoothly.

Don’t get intimidated once you have read the information above although the list might get you down a bit. DIY renovating can be very fun, but make sure that you do some check with these above items before you begin any work so that things will not get more exciting (also expensive) than you wish them to be.

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Know These Stuff Before Purchasing A New Home

Know these stuff before purchasing a new home
The purchase of the property, which is right for you, will always be filled with tough decisions and compromises. You can not always get what you want, or it will not be in your price range. There’s no need to worry because the help that you need has arrived. The tips in this article can help you as a good starting guide to assist you to get the right path to buying the property that is right for your needs as well as you pocket.

  • 1. Go to as many open houses as you can to collect as much information about them as possible. This information can be invaluable when you go to the next house. You can use the price information and features in the different houses to compare them and find the one that will be the best offer for you.
  • 2. Looking to buy a short sale? Hire an agent who specialises in this field. Short sales can be complicated, and the buying process can be long. A qualified broker with specific experience in this area of expertise will know how it works. This way gives you the best chance to get your home at the price you want.
  • 3.  Always sign a contract to buy a house with “subject to a satisfactory inspection”. No matter how nice a home is, there could be hidden problems that a good inspector can quickly uncover as a bad roof or untrustworthy wiring. If the inspector detects any major problems, the contract can be terminated so that the seller either has completed the repairs before the sale or the sale price is lowered to reflect the deficiencies.
  • 4. Try to search for homes in fall season. At this season, you can check on the structures for anything that needs to be repaired like the gutter. If you find that the drainage is full of fallen leaves, you might conclude that the building is not well-maintained as well as otherparts of the property.

As you have read in this article, buying real estate is always filled with various compromises or tough decisions that you need to make. It always helps to be well educated on the subject, so it will not overwhelm you. Carry the tips from the article to your next real estate purchase for the full success.  You’ll find yourself a better result by putting the tips above into practice.

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4 Simple Ways To Start Your Home Based Business

4 Simple ways to start your home based business
There are not many out there who have not offered the incredible opportunities by offering their own home business. The chance to create your own management team and work in hours that you want is most appealing to most people. The tips in this article can help you get your idea and make it a working plan.

1.When beginning a home based business, it is certainly necessary that you thoroughly examine all legal issues. The regulations in your state may require you to obtain a business license and the approval of a seller. Ensuring that you are aware of all license requirements at an early stage will ensure that you avoid costly legal problems.

2. If it is possible, try to start your home business before you leave your current job. This allows you to have a steady salary while you start building the new company. This will also give you a pillow in the unfortunate but realistic possibility of failure or even complete bankruptcy. However, you may spend more time in building your business from scratch.  Therefore, you mustn’t overdo it, or else you’ll just risking your health.  Creating a  timetable is a good answer to manage your work.  Remember, you also need to spend some time with your family as well.

3. Success is not a guarantee when you open your own business. That is why it is important that you do not put everything on this one experience. If it does not work out, you should implement a backup plan ready. This means that you do not want to cut off your old professional life. You might know the old saying, if you want to test the river depth, don’t put both of your feet!

4.Create a mailing list for your home business. This list can be either by snail mail or on the Internet. Let others know about any special offers that you give or just promote your business. You can also send small updates or newsletters to your customers, so they know what’s going on. This idea can increase the visitor traffic to your site.

As you can see, there will be a little work and dedication to make the leap. If you manage to go through and stay with the plan, you can accurately build your goal in the company’s image and create something that is durable and profitable over the years.

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