Hello, my name is Jade Cudmore, I’m reaching 40 and, among many other things, I’m a video-blogger, more mentor than coach, “accidental” lecturer and mother of two girls. And I could say that my life has been a constant search around this question:


And to get a little clarity in this sense, I have spent all my life trying things, many things. Too many things. Suffering a lot. Moving on. Enjoying. Looking for answers.

Until I finally found them. In the place I least expected.

And I fell from the tree.

Because a few years ago I dreamed of having the life I wanted. What I did not know was that getting the life I wanted was going to be so different from what I had imagined.

And that, once achieved, I was going to ask so many times if that really was the life I wanted.

The response to this question has always been a resounding YES so this has made me come to the following conclusion:

The life I want involves a lot of fear, many tears and many doubts.

Fear, tears and doubts that have completely transformed me, and that have allowed me to learn to enjoy life on another level and feel incredible dimensions of fullness.

I started writing on a blog in September 2012, and since I started with the project, my life has become more beautiful, harder, happier, more challenging, more extraordinary and more demanding.

This has been the impact of the decisions I have been making during this time.

Bold decisions, sometimes good and sometimes terrible, that bring out the worst and the best of me, that fill me with fear and confidence, and that bring to my life a kind of every day and pragmatic magic that allows me to continue advancing towards my dreams More savage.

But I assure you that it has been in those moments, in which it seems that everything is going to come down with you inside, when I have known better, when I have really seen who I am and what I am capable of.

And they strike!

Right there I have found the meaning of my life.

This is my experience, and this is what I want to show you in this space. And from now I tell you that I can not offer the solution to all your problems, but if I can teach you to get the best of your life, despite them.